A binliners sizing guide

What's the fit of our products like?

After doing this for a little while now, the thought of having to deal with returned items is a nightmares to us.
  • How do we logistically manage that!?
  • How can I tell people they’re wrong, yet keep face with our valued customers?
  • how long can we get away with ignoring folk before they resign to the fact we’re just not that into them?
Anyway, in order to reduce this risk and allow us a sound nights sleep, we thought it worthwhile to do a sizing guide for our products. As we are ensuring that we use the same fitted, quality products based on our testing, we can best advise on fit and show you how they look consistently. 

Consider me, a 5 foot 8 (ish) inch tall/ short guy of slim - mid build dude wearing an XL 'ZILLA' Hoody in these images, you can use this as a guide when looking into the correct sizing for items. 

Binliner size guide 2020           

 Then consider Ross, a little smaller, but definitely slimmer, rocking a Large PSxBJ All Up In Your Pocket tee. 

There are exceptions to the rule, because the PSxOMG hoodies fit pretty big and baggy out the box (we don't ship them in a box, that's just a saying, nevermind). 


In summary, Tees mostly fit slim, so if you're looking for baggy, order at least one size up. Hoodies mostly hang loose. Worst case, order it all and decide yourself. 

But in the slim (HA, punny) chance that you order the wrong size, have a look at our returns policy and let us know, we aim to please!