PostScript vs.

Versus Stock Illustrations, Cliparts And Royalty Free Versus Vectors

PostScript means bizness. 

Stu's been busy lately. A little too busy. When he was found in a skirt, painted with wode and singing Blue's 'All Rise', whilst spouting something about a 'Unilateral Creative Treaty', we knew it was time to rally the troops and bugger off to Mordor to burn his ring, or something.

Anyway. We're joining forces with some of the best out there, for a series of creative adventures. These are the guys that have made an impression on us or that have products we love and that we think the world needs to see more of.

We're not just working with these guys to create amazing new products and content either - this is us splitting the difference, trying something new and looking to put as much back into the scene as we're able. This is us saying, we can, and should do better - together.

So not only are our products organic, using only water-based inks, with zero waste and fully recyclable, 100% plastic-free packaging, but at least 10% of each sales price will be given back to the artist/ writer/ collaborator per product. 


Well for us, it's a no-brainer. We're not (quite) egotestical enough to think that we can change the world alone. Give and Take. Pass it on. Etcetera.

But also, we really REALLY want Stu to stop singing.

(All Rise)