About us..

Who are we?

Stu Mason: Creative. Organised. Imaginative. Bit strange, mildly.
Pete Colquitt: Imaginative. Manic. Pacey. Tad eccentric. Desperate.

We see it as our mission to address the needs of the modern day rollerblader, and beyond.

Focussing our creative energies on bringing a fresh perspective to skating, whilst embracing the old. We aim to give a much needed, respectful nod of the hat to rollerbladings roots, whilst embracing new styles, methods and direction to create products that will excite and engage, with skaters and hopefully beyond.

We aim to involve rollerblading and rollerbladers in our work, as showpieces and as inspiration, and to give back to those that help us on our most bodacious of journeys (See Spot Check for reference).

What's Different? 

Firstly, we've embraced Print on Demand technique of Fulfilment (here, let me google that for you). This means that we don't hold stock or invest heavily in order to firstly test before a lengthy go to market campagin.

In a market that can be 'somewhat temperamental', it's important as a business to address this. Boring

But, what this means for us is that we can release products regularly and quickly, but efficiently.... and for a couple of folks with the attention span of a magpie in a second hand shop, that's integral!

What's that mean to you? 

From a product range set, lots. It means that we have more available, always available and always changing without limited release spans/ seasonal ranges. You want a summer hoody next winter? Go to it. 

From a delivery perspective, what it means is that from the point of your order, you will have to wait a bit longer than you're probably used to because we need to produce the product/s (subliminal hint to order way more than one item, clever hey!?), Normally, there's a 5-7 day fulfillment process, so you'd expect to get your amazingly high quality, amazing looking products about a week after you order them. 


Important note:

These times have been further extended (cause of the rona) due to suppliers delaying shipping to suppliers, before supplying to us. So current delivery time is 12-15 working days, which isn't amazing for us or you..... but that's life and we appreciate your patience and understanding (whilst still buying lots of things in the meantime).


All in all, this allows for an evolving range of fresh, exciting but bold and relevant designs, backed up by a range of tested, quality products . 

Postscript: non traditionally traditional, whilst figuratively literal.
We’re just doing us, so you do you, whilst buying more of us..... otherwise there'll be no us and you'll be less of you

Makes sense, yeah?