Broskow Stereoscopic 3D Poster

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A3 sized print of this awesome Alex Broskow sequence from David Sizemore and Adam Johnsons absolute masterpiece 'Champagne'.

Now considered the G.O.A.T. (That's 'Greatest Of All Time' don't you know?), shots like this show why. The movement captured looks great in standard photo, but it didn't do it justice, so Stu jumped on his high horse, rode off into the sunset exclaiming "give me 3 days and thou shalt hath Steroescopic 3D in thy grille"..... No idea what he was on about to be honest. 

Printed onto Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matt finish, with only a 'slight sheen' to really show off the pop. We package in a pair limited edition 3D glasses to justify your investment. 

FYI - Stereoscopic means 3D in 2D.... I didn't know, so I assume you (the reader) may not know. But now you know. 

You could have googled it though, lazy ass.