Spot Check

Presenting the Spot Check collection.
We took some of our favourite, iconic sections and clips, put them into some pretty amazing montages that would have been beyond acceptable (in our ever so humble and unbiased opinions).
But Stu wasn't happy with that.
'Not groundbreaking' he said.
'What's the point?' he uttered.
'Wasting my bloody time, you are!' Yes, I heard that too.
So Stu shirked away into his cave one April weekend, emerging some 48 hours later announcing,
'Hurrah, plain tees, REBORN!'
Granted, the previews don’t really do them justice in low res and needing a pair of 3D goggles to really see the effect. But you’ll have to take our word for it, they’re well worth the money.
Not only are the products themselves absolute bangers, we've worked with the featured skaters, photographers or producers of each to offer 25% of the profits from each sale to go directly (well, not directly, but via paypal transfer) to them. We figured that's the least we could do for them;
  • Working their gonads off to become the best at what they do
  • Putting their lives on the line to create such amazing memories and artwork
  • Giving their all to the industry that we take so much from in return
  • and do all this for the hell of it, afterall, it takes a special kind of skater to make money from this industry, as proven time after time.