A collaboration between the 'creative' minds of the OMG boys, Rich Breeds and Mark Binge and the twisted minds. 

The journey started with a simple idea, it progressed slowly but reached a pinnacle. It's fair to say that Stu tested his abilities all the way, from the use of colour, to the animations, right through to the product selection, the line ups as broad as the concept in this beaut!  

The 2020 line presents a range of products focussing on the brighter side of blading. A 'refreshing' view of the many directions of skating, in vibrant, almost hectic colourways and products. In true OMG style. 

Catering for the techies, the mushroom bladers and the hammer throwers, choose your weapon, embrace and enjoy! 

Oh, and did we mention that the boys also receive 50% of the profit of each item sold, another way to give back and make sure everyone knows, THIS IS NOT GUCCI!

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