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PostScript x BladeJunkies Collab Collection

PostScript and BladeJunkies. 

Two brands with a shared vision, creating unique products through bold design. 

Ross and BladeJunkies have been around for a lot longer than we have, so much so that he has a massive following, but to us, not enough for the quality of his work. It's awesome. Collaborations with the likes of LocoSkates tell you that. 

So our proposal to Ross was to take the awesome designs that he's worked hard on producing over the years and put them across slightly differently, because that's what we're about... filling in the gaps. 

Within the first  PSxBJ range, you'll find a mixture of bright, bold and iconic all over printed products like tee's and multi purpose face masks as well as a more subtle pocket tee sharing the same design. 

The all over products are printed using a dye sublimation process directly onto a polyester tee. Similar to a football shirt, so it's awesome to skate in, lightweight, breathable and flexible. The fit's close, but not tight. To put that in perspective, I at 5 foot 8 inches wear an XL for a nice baggy but not excessive wear. 

In preparation of the launch, Ross and his good friend and amazing photographer @podbaydoors went out with some of the products to shoot some life shots, the work is incredible and between a grimey DIY spot, Ross's standard consistency on the wheels and our new collab products, it's made for some pretty inspired shots.




We hope that you like what you see as much as we do, it's been an awesome process to work with Ross and BladeJunkies and we hope that you all like the tee's as much as we do, either way.... let us know!  It certainly won't be the last time we work with Ross if we have any say in the matter and we hope that the shared profits go back into new BladeJunkies gear, cause that's what we all want out of this! 








We introduce PostScript x BladeJunkies.