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Isolation breakdown boogie.

So groundhog day finally became even more repetitive than we realised was possible. 

We've been making the most of the incredible weather as much as possible (Pete - a little too much, he's a tad 'pink', and Stu decided to mash himself up on a casual family skate......what're we like).

Getting skates in and staying as sane as work, families, limited skating opportunities and isolation allow wherever possible.


This is what PostScripts about to us though, the break from the norm, and that's how we hope it comes across. It's a get away, a chance to flex our imaginative muscles (we buff) and have a titter where it's needed (huh, titter). 

So what's everyone doing to change it up lately? 

Thankfully, isolation terms are loosening, so we hope that you guys are finding it easier to get that much needed socialisation where you can and starting to be able to enjoy life again that little bit more? 

In this week, we've been pretty productive. The sites been updated to include a size guide, which is necessary because of our business model, but also just generally a good idea. In summary, if you have an issue at all with your order, let us know and we'll do what ever we can to recitfy.

Heavily featuring my favourite product the ZILLA hoody, use this guide to check the sizing, as this is generally applicable for all tees and hoodies. 


Thanks -

to everyone that has recently ordered products and are still waiting on delivery. We're sorry for the extended process as well as the errors made in our learning curve, who knew Paypal didn't just magically pay for stuff withour prompting.... We're pushing for products to be shipped as soon as possible and will let you know shipping dates as soon as we can, but please bear with us, as the team fulfilling are having to adhere to guidlines as well as pick up all the older orders backed up whilst production was down. 
For reference, most products are taking around 12-14 days to ship, which is way longer than we’d like, but we’re still shipping, so mustn’t grumble...

What else? 

We had the absolute pleasure and fortune to appear on Brad Morrows ‘Casual blading bevvie’ podcast. If you’ve not already, give the show a like and subscribe on YouTube. Brad and Lewis are legends and are doing something awesome to keep people entertained and active in the skating scene, big ups lads. 
listen to our episode here.

Aside from this, we've been making the most of the 'quiet' to add a few more designs and lines to the store. We've added Bog Rolls for Kids products now. So the little rippers can also REPRESENT!


We've also added a line that we're really, really happy to get out there; Spot Check. This ones special, we've started with Stereoscopic 3D A3 posters while we're experimenting the best way to expand the range. The collection is so far made up of shots taken from Champagne, Chris Haffeys Vibralux VOD and Aragons Ground Control Section, props to everyone involved in the making of each of those, from the skaters to the videographers/ photographers and mostly the producers. These 3 stand out in our mind as some of the most beautifully shot pieces skating has ever seen.

Pay It Back - 

On top of that, we're organising with the featured skaters to 'pay it back'. By allowing us to use these shots, we're organising that 25% of the profits from each sale to be sent to them. Our way to say thanks to these legends, not only for allowing us to use the clips, but also for the skating. These 3 are the absolute pinnacle of our sport and we hope that the quality of the product shows this, but also the fact that we've been pretty groundbreaking in creating stereoscopic 3D prints.

This in itself was not an easy task. Stu recreated each of the sequences from from individual shots pulled from the clip in question to create the montage. Then it was a case of setting up the layers, using a black - white depth measurement, creating each ‘layer’ of 3D, whilst also considering the overall aesthetics and composition to best achieve the final product and gain maximum depth.... Giggidy 

Once set up, we trialled, sampled and eventually started crafting the custom 3D glasses to be shipped, although this currently has to be done separately, so incurs a bit more cost than we'd wish, and increases the overall price, but we'll sort that out eventually. Please let us know what you think about these, were really excited!

Anyway, go check out the products, let us know what you think on FB or Insta ( and most of all, stay safe! 

Peace, Pete and Stu